Headed West

6 11 2010

While on board USS DECATUR (DDG-73), on her 2010 deployment to the Arabian Gulf, the ship is constantly headed west. On this afternoon, the skies looked almost monochromatic, and between the lines of the ship and the matching grays above, this seemed a perfect time to try to improve my fledgling HDR photography skills.

Headed West on USS DEATUR (DDG-73)


The Christening

22 08 2010

I recently had the pleasure of attending a christening for the daughter of a friend of mine. It was a moving ceremony, if you’ve never been to one before. This baby is definitely loved, as there was quite the crowd!

Golden Sunset #2

22 08 2010

Yes, its another golden afternoon. I promise, no more gold sunsets for a while!


Signal Flags

15 05 2010

In the Navy, Quartermasters are practitioners of the unique arts of visual communication and semaphore (using flags and gestures to communicate ship-to-ship) and using signal flags to spell out words, display maneuvering signals and ships status,  and even send coded messages. They keep all of these flags organized in a bin called the “flag bag” and it is a riot of color. I tried to see it a different way.