The Gunnery Officer

6 11 2010

The Gunnery Officer aboard USS DECATUR (DDG-73) observes a gunnery exercise.

He didn’t notice me, and luckily he wasn’t moving while I made this three-exposure HDR.

The Gunnery Officer on USS DECATUR (DDG-73) observes a gunnery exercise


Thailand Still Life

22 08 2010

Thailand is an electricians nightmare, with aboveground cabling now having been elevated to an art form. Its pretty fascinating to see the evolutionary nature of Thailands technical coming-of-age in the wiring above your head. Modern fiber-optics run alongside cabling that dates back to the 1950’s.

Oh and the scooter is pretty cool too.

Mother and Daughter

22 08 2010

Sometimes black and white photography can force you to focus in on whats really important in the picture.

Two Suitors

16 05 2010

At the Old Lighthouse in Point Loma, CA, I found these three people dressed up in period-appropriate costumes, answering questions about the lighthouses history. I waited for a time when no one was around, and they started to boast and brag and carry on like a couple of love struck gentlemen.

So this is is how you would flirt with a lady in the 1800’s. Apparently not much has changed!

A New Year, A New Life

16 05 2010

While Travelling in Puerto Rico this last New Years, I happened across a traditional wedding mass in the Catedral de San Juan.

This amazing cathedral is the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere, having been constructed in 1521. It’s located in Old San Juan, and spending the day there is definitely worth the price of the inexpensive plane tickets to get there.

The Christmas decorations were still up, and the mixture of the solemn majesty of the ceremony and the festive air of the holiday combined for one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever witnessed. The 500 or so witnesses apparently agreed with me, for when the couple was presented as husband and wife, the cathedral erupted in applause and tears.

What better way to start 2010!

Heading Home

10 05 2010

On the first day of USS Decatur’s journey home after 5 months away, the Navigator sets his sights on something much farther away than the next course change.

Rifle Qualifications

10 05 2010

Even in the middle of the ocean, Sailors need to maintain their ability to accurately fire various weapons.

Here a Sailor qualifies to shoot an M-16 rifle. At sea, the Bridge crew tries to maintain the ship on a course to minimize wind and rocking motions, and the Gunners Mates and Fire Controlmen set up and run a makeshift gun range in order to maintain the proficiency of over 250 crew members.