Wooly Bully

17 08 2010

While visiting “Turtle Beach” on the North Shore of Hawaii with a bunch of New Zealanders (long story) we stumbled upon this 4-foot or so long Green Sea Turtle just napping on the sand. Such a beautiful animal.

Conservationists were on hand as these animals are extremely endangered, But we learned this animal was named Wooly Bully, and was a Male, between 45 and 47 years old or so. Hard to believe this animal has been sailing the seas longer than Iv’e been alive!

I sat with this guy for almost an hour before he finally opened his eyes for a moment to look around, then promptly went right back to sleep. Just like some other 45 year olds I know…

Sitting with this guy I couldnt help but think about how we are the stewards of this planet. Being at the top of the food chain should carry a sense of responsibility. How can we not be taking care of this guy and the dwindling hundreds like him?

We can make a nuclear reactor. We can make a nuclear submarine. We can make a nuclear bomb.

…So why can’t we keep him safe?

47 year old "Wooly Bully" a Green Sea Turtle




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