The Lonely Phone Talker

10 05 2010

One day during an UNREP, 5 months into a deployment at sea away from home, I spotted the Focs’le Phone Talker, a Sailor whose job it is to report to the bridge what is happening on the Focs’le. He looked tired, lonely, and yet vigilant. That is a core trait of these Sailors: even after days, weeks, and months of repetition, they still approach each task with a dedication, commitment, and perseverance that you just can’t find anywhere else.

80% of these Sailors are below the age of 30, and you won’t find harder workers, more dedicated patriots, or people willing to sacrifice something of themselves for another human, anywhere. So if you feel all hope for future generations is lost, that Americas youth are sealing the fate of this great country, I ask you to go up and meet some members of your Military. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and rightfully impressed.




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