The Gunnery Officer

6 11 2010

The Gunnery Officer aboard USS DECATUR (DDG-73) observes a gunnery exercise.

He didn’t notice me, and luckily he wasn’t moving while I made this three-exposure HDR.

The Gunnery Officer on USS DECATUR (DDG-73) observes a gunnery exercise


Condition 3

6 11 2010

A Gunners Mate onboard USS DECATUR (DDG-73) makes his M-240B machine gun “Condition 3.”

Condition 4 means no rounds are loaded into the gun, and the weapon is on “safe”

Condition 3 means that rounds are loaded into the gun, but the chamber is empty and the bolt is forward, with the weapon on “safe.”

´╗┐Condition 1 means that rounds are loaded into the gun, the chamber is empty (this is specific to the M-240, a 9mm for example will have the chamber loaded) and the bolt is back, with the weapon on “safe.”

There is no condition 2 for this weapon.

I like guns, if you haven’t been able to tell, its just much more difficult to get to shoot them than a camera. The mechanics, use, and combination of craft and art of both devices fascinate me. They are also yin and yang to each other: passive to the others active. Peaceful to the others destructive. Silent to the others cacophony.

I love to shoot guns with my camera. Just not the other way around!

A Gunners Mate makes his M-240B rifle "Condition 3"

Headed West

6 11 2010

While on board USS DECATUR (DDG-73), on her 2010 deployment to the Arabian Gulf, the ship is constantly headed west. On this afternoon, the skies looked almost monochromatic, and between the lines of the ship and the matching grays above, this seemed a perfect time to try to improve my fledgling HDR photography skills.

Headed West on USS DEATUR (DDG-73)

Raincloud 2

6 11 2010

I dont think I will ever cease to be fascinated by watching a faraway rainstorm while at sea. With no land to disrupt the cloudbursts or affect the winds, the thunderstorms here are uniquely formed, and always new.

Thailand Still Life

22 08 2010

Thailand is an electricians nightmare, with aboveground cabling now having been elevated to an art form. Its pretty fascinating to see the evolutionary nature of Thailands technical coming-of-age in the wiring above your head. Modern fiber-optics run alongside cabling that dates back to the 1950’s.

Oh and the scooter is pretty cool too.

Mother and Daughter

22 08 2010

Sometimes black and white photography can force you to focus in on whats really important in the picture.

The Christening

22 08 2010

I recently had the pleasure of attending a christening for the daughter of a friend of mine. It was a moving ceremony, if you’ve never been to one before. This baby is definitely loved, as there was quite the crowd!